Commenced since year 2000, Wellmax Metal Works proudly present to you our humble proposition. Having partaken in metal design and construction of over 100,000 units of residential and commercial spaces – we hail our ability, our evolvement, to become the bespoke metal professional; an aesthete specialized in all metal works needs.

We daresay, today, our pride and joy alludes to our designation as the pioneer in the industry – in fulfilling the design and fabrication requirements of our partners, clients and value customers – no matter the varying complexities each individual brings.

The utmost imperative value we uphold – To sincerely strive to bring you an engineered perspective into metal design. We seek to bring forth the harmonious infusion of metal elements into interior design, to create the incorporation of aesthetics and functionality in metal designs.

After all, we can only say, we are committed to our continuous effort in challenging ourselves, to go forth and explore new designs and ways to build. In the consistent introduction of state-of-the-art technology into our design methods, we have thus created and surpassed many noteworthy milestones with our valuable partners and clients.

Wellmax Metal WorksPivot mild steel swing door. Most suitable for kitchen and toilet entrance.Contact us for more details!Tel: 62428842SMS/WhatsApp: 91887760Email:

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Mild Steel X PivotFor more information, contact us at the following;Tel : 62428842SMS : 91887760Email : biz@wellmaxmetal.comCollabration with The Local Inn.teriorDesigner: NicholasWellmax Metal Works#hdb #bto #window #grilles #windowcontractor #renovation #scandivian #windowgrilles #windowgrille #gate #gatedesign #hdbgate #aluminium #mildsteel #Interirodesign #Wellmax #Singapore #wellmaxmetalworks #promotions #sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

-How do i get the quotation for gate size?
We will provide our customer professional on-site measurement for quotation, please call to our customer service support at +65 9773 6980 for more queries.

-How much does a delivery service cost?
The delivery is FOC.

-How do i make the payment ?
Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and paynow.

-Does it include installation service ?
The intallation fee is FOC.

-How long does it take to deliver & install this product?
This might be vary due to different volume of jobs requested, please call to our customer service support at +65 9773 6980 for more queries.

-What do I do if an item from my delivery is missing or defective?
Upon receiving the delivered items, please check all items.
Should there be any defects, please contact our customer service support at +65 9773 6980 for more queries.

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